Monday, December 15, 2014


Good morning! Wow, it's mild out there. Should be a good morning for an easy run. I need to run, because I have eaten like an out of control pig over the weekend. A lady from church gave me at least 5 pounds of homemade candy. Resistance is futile. Oh well...

The weekend was good! I got to spend a lot of time with Cora, which makes it really nice. She was not feeling well but still managed to be very cute. Yes, I could have a bias here, but. . . I ended up not ending up in the pool Friday night. Kedra and I went to Bloomington and then stopped to see Cora.

Saturday morning we had a good 7 mile run. Running with the group again is so helpful to me. I ran slowly all summer leading up to Ironman. I was coming off hamstring issues and just got in the habit of taking it easy, which was probably what I needed. Now, as I think about another Boston Qualifier, I have to pick it up. The group runs are doing that for me. I like it.

After the run Saturday we went to the pancake fund-raiser for Mark Ryan. It was very nice. I had spent a little time with Mark a week or two ago, taking him some money we raised at the Give Thanks 4. He is a really good man with a really good family. Speaking of the Give Thanks 4. Here are the results.

I will run easy this morning, anticipating Tuesday Tempo tomorrow evening. I think we will be moving up to 3 miles fast. That will be a challenge, a challenge I need and even want, I suppose. Tempo runs are not much fun while doing them, but afterwards you feel good and have a sense of satisfaction. At least that's my experience.

Looks like a busy week ahead. Nothing new really. Things are going well at church, which is a very good thing. OK, I need to get going. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your week goes well.

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