Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Big Ben & Little Cora Jane
Good morning! How are you on this Tuesday? Looks like a good day ahead. Keep an eye to the sky this evening. We may be ok, though. The tornadoes ripped through the south yesterday. Kedra told me when I woke up, she received a text overnight saying her cousin's house was destroyed in Athens, AL. Her cousin is ok but lost her home.

Yesterday was good, peaceful, productive day. It was what I needed. I got several things done and a lot more organized, ready to get done. I am hoping for a similar day today.

On the endurance athletic front, I had a pretty decent day. I was able to run another 3 miles yesterday morning. While still painful, the pain continues to lessen some. I am somewhat hopeful for a good recovery. I will try pushing Wednesday's run to 4 miles.

I was hoping to bike yesterday evening, but it began looking like it would be a wash out. Then, right around 5 p.m., I looked at the radar and the sky. Kedra had supper about ready, and I said, "I will eat later, there is window open and I must jump through it." I quickly dressed, loaded the bike, did manage a small bite, and took off. I got a quick 15 miles in.

Next up was the pool. There, again, I did a mile. So I did the triple yesterday: 3 miles of running, 15 on the bike, and 1 in the pool. As I recorded this in my training log last night, when I should have been in bed, I told Kedra, "I love recording something in all 3 disciplines." Yes, I know. I can't help it. Hey, it's better than the unhealthy lifestyle of most. ha ha

Today will be focused on the bike alone. It our Tuesday Night Pace Line Ride. We roll out of the church parking lot at 5:45. Some start a little early and get extra miles in. I may be in that category tonight, depending upon the weather.

OK, I am ready to take on the day! Thanks for stopping by.

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