Friday, April 11, 2014


Good morning! Friday it is. And it looks like it might be a pretty decent warm day. I'm glad spring finally has shown up. I know what the forecast says for next, but I am going to ignore it. Maybe it will go away?  I've got a busy day ahead with a variety of things to do. I think I am ready to take it on.

Yesterday was nice. Jim S. and took off fairly early on our bikes. He wanted 45-50 miles, and I was content with that. Earlier in the week I had visions of more, but I really had no good reason for doing more at this point. As we headed into a very strong wind, I made the decision that 50 would satisfy me.

We had a challenging ride south, but it wasn't too bad. We wandered around and ended up somewhere northeast of Paoli. This positioned us for a nice ride back, pushed along with a strong tailwind. We had to do a little more wind work to get the miles to add up to 50 but mostly we headed north. It was a pleasant ride.

I cheated and did some work in the afternoon, which will help me for today. The highlight of the afternoon was a request for me to babysit Cora while Maddie and Kedra went for a walk. Cora and I get along really well. She is growing and changing everyday.

Today is all about preparation for tomorrow and Sunday. I will be gone all day tomorrow and then Sunday will show up after that. I guess I better get busy. Thanks for coming by, and have a great weekend.

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