Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Good morning! Now we know the secret to African runner success. Plus it is a picture that illustrates the very old expression most non-runners like to say, "I wouldn't run unless something was chasing me." Oh, that's a good one! ha ha  ha Sorry.

OK, what in the world is going on this morning? It is 35 degrees and we have a 2 hour delay? Of all the delays and cancellations, this one wins the prize for "Most Surprising." There must be something going on out there I don't know about. Oh well, I am going to take off shortly and go run.

Yesterday got the week off to a good start. I got a lot of things done and a lot of good things happened. How's that for a general statement that tells you nothing? I just can't write much about what I do, because, especially in a small community, people would quickly figure out what/who I am talking about. Frankly, much of what I do is conspiracy work.

My biggest project is taking over the world. I am starting locally, recruiting weak-minded people who will follow my orders without questions, blindly loyal people. So far I don't have anyone. I have always wanted to be a cult leader, but I just can't get anyone to go along with me. I'm thinking about attending a workshop or something that will help me.

Kedra and I got a little Cora Jane time late yesterday afternoon. She is growing and is so sweet. Maddie is doing super great as a mom, and Lester is a great dad.  Kedra and I are bringing it as paternal grandparents also. We are the best in that specific category.

OK, I guess you see what kind of mood I'm in, so I guess I better do something else. Thanks for stopping by.

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