Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday a.m.

Good morning! OK, we're going to be off a day all week, aren't we? Today is Tuesday, not Monday. It's going to be a short week!

How was your weekend, besides hot? We sure had an active one. It was all good stuff, but I am looking forward to a fairly quiet week and weekend ahead.

Friday was a fun day. St. Vincent Dunn Hospital gave us an old but good ambulance. Warren Crawford and I picked it up and drove it to church. I then went to the BMV and started the process of getting it plated and titled. That's going to be easy this time.  Yes, we do plan to drive it to Honduras in about a month or so. No, I'm not afraid and you shouldn't be either. We can talk more about that later.

Friday night was Ben's football game. There was a neat pre-game ceremony, where they honored the team of 1963 that went undefeated. It's best known for having Terry Cole. It was a very nice ceremony. During warm-ups (we found out after the game), Ben tore ligaments in his thumb. He taped it down and played a great game. The team played much better but got beat. Ben now is in a cast and is possibly out for a few games. We are getting a second opinion, hopefully today.

Saturday I ran 10 miles with several. It was very humid, if you recall. I came home and did some work around here, and then I took off to ride 30 miles in the heat of the day. Yes, I know. Smart. It was fine, but I did get a bit tired before it was over. It was a good day of endurance training.

Sunday was a fun day. We had a really good whiffle ball tournament, organized by some of our younger families. It was a great time. Kedra and I left the tournament early, because we were headed to see two of our beloved children who live in Nashville. We got there in time to spend some good time with Rebecca, Luke, and Lydia. The Lavenders, as usual, were gracious and great hosts.

Yesterday I got up and ran in Nashville, and then we spent a little more time with the Lavenders, Luke, and Lydia, before making our way back north. We got home around 6 p.m. Now we are ready to get going on a new week. I guess I'm ready? Ready or not, it's coming!

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