Thursday, September 26, 2013


Good morning! While we have not yet seen a boat pulled by a buggy, we have seen some pretty interesting things out in Amish country. One evening we saw a woman standing on a big wagon pulled by a big horse. Hitched to the big wagon was a tiny little wagon, the size of a Radio Flyer, and in that wagon was another woman. We passed them on our bikes. It would have been an interesting picture.

This weather, in my opinion, is just about perfect. Cool mornings and warm afternoons are hard to beat. Sounds like we have a few more days of it. This is perfect for the Persimmon Festival. I went to the festival last night for a little while. I confess that it's just not my thing. Oh well, I hope that doesn't make me a lesser person. ha ha

The big trip to Honduras starts Sunday. I took the ambulance for a good trip to Bloomington yesterday. It drives very well and is quite comfortable. I have in the back a box spring and mattress, which will be a nice place to sleep while we are driving straight through to Mexico. According to Google Maps, that is about a 22-23 hour trip without stops. I doubt we will stop for very long, so I'm thinking we cross into Mexico about midday on Monday. Marc is talking crossing at McAllen, Texas in Reynosa.

Today is Sunday prep day. First, I need to crank out another 5 miler this morning. It will be the 4th one this week. I'm just taking it easy, hoping for fresher legs for the Persimmon 5K. I will just run it hard and see what happens. I would love to get everything done in time for a little bike ride sometime tomorrow afternoon. I need to take advantage of this weather. Once I get back from the trip to Honduras, marathon training kicks in pretty hard.

Lester is running a marathon Saturday in Columbus. He is trying to break 3 hours. He has had some niggling injuries, so his training has not been totally according to plan. I really wish I could be there to watch/help him, but we need to stay around here for all the Persimmon Festival activities. Luke, Rebecca, and Lydia all did a couch to 5K program and are going to run the 5K Saturday morning. That will be fun.

OK, I need to get going. My mind is racing -- all good, exciting stuff.

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That is great picture! lol

Pat A