Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday a.m.

Good morning! Wednesday it is. One weather site I follow says it will be 100 degrees today. I doubt it, but it is going to be warm. And humid. I must confess that I am dreading my run, here in a little bit. All I know to do is slow down a bit, hang on to it, and try get it done. All this is temporary, and, as I said yesterday, I don't mind a little summer weather.

Yesterday got a little crazy on me. Loading the semi with bales of clothes was the main culprit in the craziness. That was a fairly hot activity. Warren did the forklift work, and I supported him by moving boards and helping with other things. I had to leave slightly before we finished.

I left to drive the junior high cross country team to Shawswick for a meet. I felt for the kids. It was a hot evening to be running. They did fine. I got back to Mitchell and on my bike. I was about a half hour behind the group, so I started calculating where I would meet them.

My calculations were pretty accurate. I figured around Pumpkin Center Road, but the lead group was about mile closer to me. I climbed out of Lost River bottoms and was going through the S rollers when I spotted the A team pacelining. I flipped and got up to around 23 or 24 and hooked on. I made it through the bottoms and up the Lost River hill. Then in some confusion, which was my fault, I got popped. I finished solo, but there were other guys behind me.

We regrouped and rode in together. Wendy's cash register was broken, so we headed to Arby's. It was an unusual evening all the way around for me, but I got 25 hot miles in. It was a nice to spend time with a great group of guys. These evenings are numbered, so each one is to be savored.

Lots of stuff going on today; some of it carry-over from yesterday. Guess I better get after it! Thanks for stopping by.

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