Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow, it's good to among the well again. It happened yesterday. After I woke up feeling very disappointed about still feeling sick, by mid-morning I could tell things were getting better. By midday I was feeling much better - good thing because I needed to see a couple of people. I thought I would crash later in the day but didn't. Grateful!

I started getting sick last Wednesday, so for the nearly a week I have not felt very well. I was never sick enough to totally quit everything but did not feel like doing much. It reached a peak on Monday. After sleeping about 10 hours (normally sleep 7), I took two long naps during the day. In between I was able to get a lot of reading done, which was good.

Last night I resumed running. It wasn't much, but it was a start. I took Ben over to Bedford for Tempo Tuesday. I wasn't up to "tempoing" but he was. I got him started with the group and then drove to the tempo course. While I was waiting on them I managed to run a couple of easy miles. Ben had a good tempo run, averaging 7.18 per mile. He will continue to improve, and my days of beating him are quickly coming to an end.

Yesterday I was finally able to go see my neighbor, Roger, in the nursing home. I packed up his computer and took it to him. I found out that the nursing home has WIFI, so he can use his computer to communicate with family and friends. Roger didn't seem too well yesterday. I don't when he will get to come home. His poor dog, Benji, is so lonely. I visited him a little yesterday.

I have a few things on my schedule today, including more study for tonight's class. This week we are discussing loving the church. I think a lot of people don't; it shows up in lack of attendance, commitment etc. I've heard people say, "I love God but I'm not that crazy about his fan club." The church, at times, certainly gives people reason to not love it, but the church is still a vital part of God's plan in this world. Maybe the biggest test of how much we have appropriated the love of God is whether we can love the church in spite/in light of all its flaws?

Oh, I'll end with this:

Let it snow!

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Anonymous said...

So after class tonight, am I to understand the title of Sunday's sermon is something on the order of " chicken eating, fire loving, face licking dogs"?