Monday, January 31, 2011

It's been a good day! I got a fair amount of reading/studying done today. I helped get someone a tank of LP gas, thanks to revenue from the ReGeneration Store (we are now north of $50,000 that we have given to help people in need.) This person will have heat now. I got a 7 mile run in with a couple of Tims.

Today I ate lunch at Bub's in Bloomington with Pat A. We had a really good conversation over quarter-pounders. Man, those burgers are good! Pat is a great friend who helps me sort a lot of things out.

After Bub's I went over to the hospital to see Kenny L. He has cancer but seems to feel fine right now. He is funny! He is 87 and tells stories constantly.

Back in Mitchell, I stopped in the Store. It was bu$y! Penny and gang do such a wonderful job with everything. They, rightfully so, view their work as ministry. They all have servant's hearts.

I finally made my way back to my office. I had lots of emails and news to catch up on. On Facebook I posed the question, "What are you afraid of?". The question has generated a bunch of very interesting and varied responses. I also have received a few emails in response to the question.

After a few minutes in my office, I got a call saying I needed to pick Ben up. He was at school after a run. I hurried to pack things up and head that way. I crossed a street and accidentally pulled out in front of a truck. It wasn't that bad and wasn't close at all, but the driver decided to give me the one finger wave! I hope he felt better. ha ha. Relax, buddy!

We had a nice supper - like I needed to eat again after Bub's! Now I am watching the weather and contemplating the popcorn that will soon be mine. Good night!

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