Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Ugly Weekend

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine got really ugly at one point. I'll explain in a moment.

Friday afternoon we decided to go to Indy to see Lester and Maddie. Kedra and Rebecca were going up Saturday anyway, with other female family members, to watch Toy Story on ice or something like that. Ben and I decided it might be a good time to hang out with Lester, so we all loaded up in the car and took off Friday evening.

Once we got to Lester and Maddie's apartment we ordered pizza and enjoyed some time visiting. A little later on the group decided that we must go to Huddles, a frozen yogurt place owned by Jim Irsay. It was a great idea since the temperature was nearing zero - the yogurt would not melt like it would in the summer. I am off sweets for the month, so I went as a spectator. I could also serve as designated driver if things got out of hand. Can you believe that Huddles was packed with people?

On Saturday the boys and I decided to go for a 5 mile run on the Monon trail, which is a really neat "rails to trails" track that goes for miles and miles. It was a cold run, but we got it done. After cleaning up, the plan was to head to Carmel, which is not very far from Lester's place, to find Bub's and get a hamburger. Bub's is quite famous. A Man vs. Food episode was filmed there last year.

We arrived at Bub's a little before 1 p.m. Much to our surprise there was a 45 minute wait to get a table! We waited. Bub's has a Big Ugly Challenge. A Big Ugly is a huge hamburger; it weighs 22 ounces pre-cooked and weighs at least a pound after cooking. If you can eat it all, you get your picture taken and then placed on a wall of fame. If you eat two, then you get a bigger picture. If you eat three, which is what the Man vs. Food guy attempted, then you get even a larger display of yourself.

I encouraged the boys to take the challenge, and after some hesitation they did it. The look on their faces when the burgers arrived was hilarious. I was not in a competitive mood, and I'm trying to lower my weight and colesterol, so I settled on a nice tasty quarter pound burger. I didn't think either boy was going to get the job done, but I started taunting Lester a little. He manned up, didn't throw up, and did the job. Ben couldn't get it done. He wisely stopped at 3/4, knowing he couldn't do it all. I think he regrets not doing it now and wants to try again.

It was fun to watch, since I wasn't stuffed. The Challenge idea was first introduced to me at the end of last year. My running friends had one in Bloomington, and more than a dozen people did it. One guy ate two! Amazing! I couldn't attend due to a wedding. After seeing the size of the burger, I'm kinda glad I didn't try it.


Anonymous said...

That is a great story, I think Lester looks a little worse for the wear possibly?

Pat A

Anonymous said...

I applaud the effort and determination it took to even accept the challenge, not to mention Lester's triumph and Ben's nearly flawless attempt. I settled for the 3/4 pounder, as you did, and walked away satisfied. Lester remarked to me that it was all mental and I should take that for what it's worth. Do you think he was questioning my mental strength or his? Glad you had a nice visit with family.