Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday a.m.

I have bird feeders right outside my home office window. I enjoy watching them eat. Does this make me old? Anyway, something unusual happened overnight. I noticed when I shut things down last night that a bird was sitting on one of my feeders, and he is still there this morning. I am wondering if he camped out to get a head start on everyone else or did he get lost? He looks cold.

Lester put a bird feeder on his Christmas list this year; made me very proud (ha ha). Ben has trouble with this; it bothers him. He also has trouble with Luke's interest in clothes and shoes that are a little too trendy for Ben's taste. One day Kedra mentioned to me that Lester wanted a bird feeder. I heard Ben mutter something, so I asked, "What did you say?" He then repeated it a little louder, with disgust, "My brothers!"

Yesterday was a good day. I got more done that I thought I would. The sad part was learning that a friend has stage 4 cancer. I spent some time with his family yesterday afternoon. Playing Santa (I must confess I just typed Satan and had to change it - wow, what does this mean??) was fun (see yesterday's post). Last night we had a party for the leaders of the church; most came. It was a good time. We have some elders that really know how to table dance! Just kidding; they are not very good dancers - no rhythm.

Today I am going to read some, make a couple of visits, hang out with the food pantry workers and clients. This evening Ben and I will run with our Bedford buds. I had a good 7 miler midday yesterday with some friends. I think I will run 10 on Thursday, getting a long run in before the possible big snow. We have a 5 mile "Santa hat" run on Christmas Eve (Friday) morning. It will be lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

I love to watch the birds, and I am not as old as you are. On the negative side of this post, I had a vision of Tom S. dancing on a table. Unfortunately, I believe it is etched into my memory... ;-)

Pat A

Anonymous said...

hey, the comment about ben cracked me up!
i cant make the run tonight (brets bday)
what time are you planning your thursday run and are you running in bedford?

Allen said...

Hey Ryan, I think we are planning on an 11 a.m. start. Hope you can join us.