Monday, December 20, 2010


So much of my life, it seems, centers around school and its schedule. I still have 2 in high school, and now Kedra works there as well. Their schedule sets the tone for what happens around here, and of course it simply reflects the broader community. I said all that to say that the next couple of weeks I will be operating in "holiday mode," which means a more relaxed pace.

The weekend was good. Kedra and I left here late afternoon Friday to go to Bloomington for our Christmas present, which was the Mannheim Steamroller concert. Being old and practical, we added other things to the trip. We went to Sam's and got some things we needed for a party we are hosting tonight. We went to Office Depot to get some stocking stuffers. Then "the present" started - dinner at Olive Garden, followed by the concert.

The meal was great and so was the concert. The concert lasted a couple of hours and was really enjoyable and pleasant. Wisely, they did not have the sound cranked up so high that it hurts your ears.

We had one interesting/amusing thing happen. A very young couple was sitting next to us. As we were sitting there, an usher came up and asked, "Are you the couple that got engaged in the lobby?" They laughed and said, "Yes." Then an official from Mannheim Steamroller came and talked them, asking for a photo. Their photo is now on the MS website. They seem like a very nice couple. Kedra sat next to them, and she commented how nice that was. The couple was so busy snuggling that Kedra did not have to compete for the shared armrest.

Saturday Ben and I ran 5 miles with the group in Bedford, and the rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I did not get my work done Thursday and/or Friday, so I spent a couple hours doing that. I also smoked some pork shoulders for a party we are having this evening, and I smoked some ribs for us to enjoy Saturday evening. Yum, yum!

Yesterday was good. We had a pretty good crowd at church, in spite of the icy parking lot. Everyone listened well and seemed to be in a good mood. The afternoon was great. This was helped by the Colts winning. Our Life Group had a pitch-in party and a nice time together.

Today I get to be Santa. I get to deliver Christmas, in the form of gift cards, to a family that can't afford anything this year. I hope to include a gift card for a nice meal at a restaurant, because I know they can't afford to go out to eat. It should be lots of fun.

You watching the weather? The thing to watch is Christmas eve into Christmas day. Hey, hey! Could be some good snow. There is, however, a lot of time for the track to change. Stay tuned.

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