Friday, December 17, 2010

It's slick out there! Yesterday I had to go to town to meet a couple for counseling, so got in the beastly Bronco and took off. It did great! The road I live on had been sanded, so it was not too bad. The city streets were very slick. I drove to the school parking lot to see if they had done anything to it, which would be an indication of whether school would be closed Friday (today). It was hard to believe how slick it was. I did unintentional donuts! The church parking lot was the same way; not sure how we are going to get it ready for Sunday.

Today I am finishing up my sermon, slide show, and discussion guide for life groups. I should be finished by mid-morning. We are planning a family breakfast around 9, I think. Luke's girlfriend, Caroline, is here, so she'll get to join in on the fun. Then I hope to have a meeting in town with a friend to discuss some things on my mind. Then a workout - looks like another bike trainer day, coupled with some core work. This evening Kedra and I are going to the Manheim Steamroller concert at IU Auditorium. This is our Christmas gift to each other.

Tomorrow I will venture out for a run of some kind, probably slow and slick.

Back to work...

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