Friday, November 07, 2014


Cora on Halloween night
Good morning! I am trying to figure out life and my routine post-Ironman. I have been super-focused on November 1 for all of this year. Before that it was on my mind a lot, especially from time we volunteered at the 2013 event. IronBill once said something like this, "Ironman training is a demanding mistress."

While I hope I was not unfaithful to anyone or anything over the last year, there certainly was a time element that was demanding and challenging. During the peak of training I was putting in 15+ hours a week. Of course a lot of that was in a couple of rides - a 100 mile ride would take around 6 hours.

I am still waiting on my Ironman report, and it will include some of the time factors in it. Part of my challenge this week is getting re-oriented and re-focused after such a huge event in my life. I am really struggling with my sermon prep etc. Oh well, I've been here before. A lot of people get depressed after Ironman is over. So far I have avoided the big let down.

The last few days have been busy. We are have our huge ReGeneration Christmas decoration sale on Saturday in our church gym. While I don't do much of the direct work, it is on my mind, and I will be heavily involved Saturday, especially with clean-up. I enjoy watching the day unfold, and I enjoy watching it come to a close.

The urge to run, ride, and swim is growing quite strong. I will resist until in the morning. A group is gathering at 7 a.m. to run. This will be my first run with the group since March, I believe. I am looking forward to renewing this running relationship. My desire is to get faster again, Right now I am thinking of trying to qualify for Boston again. We'll see.

OK, I better get going. I have lots to do today. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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