Thursday, May 01, 2014


Lester, Maddie, & Cora
Good morning! Thursday! Already! May 1, already! I think the cold winter, which has extended itself into a cool spring, for the most part, has left the impression we are not as far into the year as we really are. Missing have been those occasional days into the 80s we usually get in April and even in March. I have peeked at the extended forecast, and we are heading in that direction for next week. I'm very ready. I'm sure you are also.

Today is going to be cool and kinda cloudy, I think; maybe even a shower later in the day? I hope to hop on the bike around supper time. I hope I can do that. I signed up for a Strava Challenge (see at the bottom of this post). I am 85% finished. I need about 120 miles between now and Sunday. I think I am doing another 100 miler on Saturday, so I should be able to get it done.

Yesterday I got to spend some good time in study. I actually had an hour or two of quiet, uninterrupted time, which is rare. I really enjoyed it. I had a good meeting with someone who has some great ideas about helping the poor. Another person contacted me about helping an elementary student living in a terrible environment. Capstone Ministries is going to help out with that. I got to see some people in the nursing home, corresponded with several, checked in at the ReGen Store, did some of this and some of that, had a couple of meetings, and taught my class. In other words, it was pretty much a normal day.

Today I will continue to work on my sermon and do all the other stuff that makes Sunday assemblies run smoothly (hopefully). I also plan to visit some people, check in at the Store, and do a few other things along the way. I will finish the day by washing all the potential stress away in the pool, hoping for another mile to add to the training log. Oh, speaking of the training log, I was able to run 4 miles yesterday morning. It hurt but it's better. Next up: 5 miles in the morning.

Specialized Spring Classics Challenge
Ride 1,266 kilometers in 40 days.
3/26/14 — 5/4/14
While the world’s best professional cyclists are hammering up the bergs and bouncing over the cobblestones, Specialized and Strava challenge you to ride the cumulative distance of five of cycling’s most storied races that form the Spring Classics, adding up to a monumental total of 1,266 kilometers (787 miles).

For those curious, here is how the math works out:

   Milan-San Remo [294km]
+ Tour of Flanders [259km] 
+ Paris-Roubaix [257km] 
+ Fl├Ęche Wallonne [205km] 
+ Amstel Gold [251km]
= 1,266 kilometers

In honor of Specialized's 40th anniversary, we're giving you 40 days to complete the Challenge.

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