Thursday, March 06, 2014


Good morning! It's Thursday, and it's warming up! You know it's been a long, cold winter when you are excited about eclipsing the 40 degree mark. And what about tomorrow? 50s! People will be inappropriately dressed or undressed at Walmart. Tank tops and shorts here we come! ha ha I'm thinking bike shorts myself, BUT I will be on a bike away from the general population, so we should be OK. 

I need to continue ramping up my miles in preparation for my first century of the season, hopefully on Monday, March 24th on the Natchez Trace trail. I've been looking at all that. There is a lot of material available on the internet. I may have to stretch it out a few more miles. I would like to cross the Tennessee River, which would be beyond the 100 mile mark. It would be similar to Iron distance. We'll see.

It's a busy time right now, and I seem to do better under a little pressure. I tend to get more efficient and organized. I think that's a good thing. It's one of those times where there is a lot of death and disease and other kinds of troubles. [Some time ago, an acquaintance wrote this about ministry.]

It's a time that requires an eternal perspective and encouragement, both human and divine. I am blessed with some wonderful friends who provide the encouragement that comes from above.  God's encouragement, of which Scriptures speaks a lot, is mediated mostly through humans. Right? Last night, a small group of us discussed Genesis 3, where we are told where all our trouble comes from. We talked about discouragement always being from Satan. It's easy to focus on the negative, what we don't have, then the fact God is enough.

Today is filled with a variety of things. I will begin, here soon, with a 5 mile run in some new shoes. I run in Mizuno Inspires. I am guessing this is my 15th pair of them. I buy nothing else. They work for me, and I usually get 400-500 miles out of them, which means I go through 3 pairs a year. The ones with maxed out miles become my everyday shoes, plus I take pairs of them to Honduras from time to time.

Oh, back to today. I need to re-prepare for Sunday. Since we did not meet Sunday, I need to go back over, finish, and fine-tune everything. I will go the funeral home for a friend, check on some people who are experiencing loss, teach a cub scout group about religion, and some other things if I told you about, I would have to kill you.

OK, here we go! Thanks for stopping by.

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