Friday, January 24, 2014

Misreading Signs

A state trooper pulled over a car going just 19 miles per hour on the highway. As the officer approached the car, he noticed it was two elderly women and they both looked very pale and wide-eyed.

"Good afternoon ladies. Do you know why I am pulling you over?" asked the trooper.

"I'm terribly sorry if I did something wrong but I know I was not speeding" said the driver.

"Well, that is true, you weren't speeding . . . but you were going entirely too slow on a highway and that is equally as dangerous."

"No, Officer. I was going exactly the speed limit . . . 19 miles per hour!"

The trooper laughed a little to himself. "Ma’am, this is Highway 19. That is not the speed limit, but simply the name of this highway."

Very embarrassed, the elderly driver grinned and thanked the trooper over and over for informing her of the mistake.

"But before I let you go, I have to ask . . . are you ladies feeling okay? You both look awfully shaken."

"Oh sure, we will be fine. We just got off of Highway 120."

* * *

There’s a lesson in there somewhere about misreading signs. I’ll let you come up with it. That’s your homework for the weekend, and I hope you have a great weekend! Go to church for Heaven’s sake.

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