Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday a.m.

Good morning! How are you on this cool morning? Listening to some you would have thought that would be snowed in this morning, but, alas, it didn't happen. Life continues. It is going to be on the chilly side today, but that's fine. I will get my old bike on the trainer this evening and start using it.

Yesterday was a good day. The dentist appointment went well. It was the best repair I have ever had. I hardly felt anything. That's a good thing. The eye appointment went well too. My vision has slipped some--I knew that--but it had not slipped much.

I spent some good time with my good friend Pat yesterday. We are going to collaborate on a few sermons during the season of Advent. That's always a fun thing to do. I am looking forward to it.

Last night was the football awards banquet. Ben did well, winning a few things. The biggest honor was being named PLAC All Conference again. The coaches from all the teams in the conference vote on that, so it's a nice honor for him. He's a good young man.

Today I have a meeting or two and lots of things to work on. It should be an enjoyable day.  I hope your day goes well as well!

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