Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday a.m.

Good morning! I'm back live and in person. I took last week off from blogging. I kept most of my other duties but let this go. It was fall break. Kedra and Ben were around as a result, and it just changes things around the house. I really enjoyed it.

This week is starting off to be a little extra busy, which is fine. Today I have a funeral to do in Shoals. I need to finish that this morning and then head west. It is a fairly easy funeral to prepare. It is for one of the finest men I've known.

He was a member of the Shoals church where I preached for a few years, several years ago. He was always an encourager. Always. Rare but greatly appreciated bird. It seems lately that I have been wading in death, up to my neck. Whether associated with our church family or my family or the community, there has been more than usual. I confess it really wears on me. Today's funeral will be helpful, believe it or not. It will remind me of, and allow me to articulate, the faith that sustains me.

On the endurance athletic front, I've been riding more than running. My right hamstring was bothering me quite a bit. I think it is getting better. I will push it a little this week to see. I have the Rocket City Marathon coming up in December, so I need to be getting the miles in.

Ben's regular season career is now over. We have a sectional game Friday night. He got nicked up a little Friday night, early in the game. He's a tough kid. He was out for a series getting his ankle taped up and continued playing. He could barely walk Saturday, but I think it is going to be fine. It has been a long season.

OK, gotta get on the move! Thanks for stopping by.

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