Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday morning

Ever-changing family
Good morning! For some reason my atomic clock/thermometer that sits on my desks says it is 20 degrees outside and 21 inside. Hmmm, visions of last winter when my heat was out. Yes, I know, for some reason, that it is has switched to Celsius without my permission. That's OK. When we lived in Australia and New Zealand we got pretty good with the metric system.

What a random way to start a post. Here's some more. The picture above was taken about a month ago. In fact, it was taken on July 21. How's that for accidental precision? Anyway, this was the picture I used to announce to the general public, i.e. Facebook, that Lester and Maddie are expecting their first child in January. I assume most of you knew this, but just in case...

Also we joke about the status of friends of our children. Should they be in the picture or not? For example, Lydia, Luke's girlfriend. We sometimes take 2 pictures: one with them in and one with them out. You never know how these things turn out. Right?? ha ha. Lydia is definitely in the picture. We didn't even take one without her.  And we hope it stays that way. I think it will.

Last night was so much fun. It was our Tuesday Night Ride. We had a total of 12 riders before it was all said and done. It has been a great summer and no one wants it to end, so we keep riding. We even talked last night of further extensions by modifying our starting place as the daylight continues to diminish. We are probably good for another 2-3 weeks from our present place. We get back around 8 p.m.

We broke into 2 lines last night -- an A team and a B team. I offered the lead the Bs and did the first and last pull. We had a good, steady ride, announcing that we would try keep 22-23 mph average. What did we do? 23 mph. You can see my Strava data here. Check out the "segments" section to see our time trial data. We are really enjoying Strava. James is mostly responsible for this.

I had been on Strava for a while but had not done much with it. James really encouraged me to start recording rides. Now I see it as a valuable training tool. I have created several segments that function as opportunities to do interval work and generally to work really hard for periods of time, followed by rest and recovery. It's a great way to improve.

Yesterday was busy. Today is going to be similar. There are lots of things going on with lots of people. Thanks for stopping by.

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