Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday a.m.

Great bike rack
Good morning! I hope you are doing well this morning. I slept well last night, so I am off to a good start to another busy day. Today is unusual. More about that in a moment.

The bike rack, pictured above, is really good. I built one after seeing a friend of a friend's. He sent the picture to me. I would suggest you buy a 10 foot section of pipe. It gives you a little more room. I have not glued mine together yet and may not. As it is now, I can adjust it a little. If you want me to make you one, I will do it for $20. That's friend's rate. ha ha

Yesterday was a packed day. I started fairly early with a little recovery run. I ran hard Monday, not so hard Tuesday morning, followed by the bike ride Tuesday evening, so I needed a light workout before today's speed work. After the run, the work was on. It involved trips to Bloomington and Shoals, along with phones call and deal-making. I just through that deal-making reference in for all those who think  my work in Honduras involves me being a drug runner.

Speaking of Honduras and deals, I think we are "this close" to having another ambulance. I think we are down to lining up a time for a photo when the title is transferred to us. How will the ambulance get to Honduras? Well, Marc Tindall, our main man in Honduras, wants him and me to drive it down. You know I want to do this, so I am starting to look at all that. Some will be very unhappy to hear this news.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Shoals. I have a funeral there this morning, so I went to the visitation yesterday to see the family, etc. While on my way, I had a vehicle come up on my very quickly. Then it slowed dramatically. It repeated this several times, plus it was going off the side of the road some. I called 911.

I talked with the Lawrence county dispatcher and then got transferred to the Martin county dispatcher as I crossed the county line. The car passed me at a high rate of speed. Every time I went around a curve I fully expected to see this car involved in a head-on crash. Somehow the driver, a woman, managed to make it to Shoals.

When I arrived the police had her pulled over. After spending some time at the funeral home, I headed back home. The car was still where it was pulled over, and no one else was around. I am guessing she was in jail. It was pretty scary to see this unfold right before me eyes. I'm glad she got stopped/caught before she killed someone or herself or both.

Today is wrapped up with a funeral and prep for Sunday primarily. I'm sure there will be other things along the way, just to make it more interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the bike rack info. also, are you picking up stragglers sat at 8am at PV after your 7am start?


Allen said...

No problem! Yes, my plan is to run 6 or so miles and then swing back around to connect with 8 a.m. runners.