Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday a.m.

Good morning! How's it going? It's gonna be a hot week! And dry. For the first time this summer I am hearing people talking about needing rain. That need is going to get stronger before it happens.
Good weekend for you? I hope so. Mine was pretty good. Friday was a bit crazy. I smoked 8 pork shoulders, 77 pounds, all day Friday, while working on my sermon and other stuff. It was not exactly a relaxing day off but that's ok. I pulled 90% of the meat by myself, until Kedra got home and rescued me. I had to drive the football team bus and rushed to get there on time.
The meat got pulled and the football team got massacred by the Brownstown Braves, a very good football team. It was embarrassing, and I feel so badly for Ben. He has worked so hard in the off-season and played pretty well as an individual. He said the hardest part is hearing people rip the coach and make fun of the team. Life lessons.
Saturday I woke up for the 3rd morning in a row without a good enough or long enough night's sleep. This was going to make the endurance tasks at hand a little tougher. I was scheduled to run 14 miles, which was an arbitrary amount. My hamstring started squawking pretty hard about last week's speed work, followed by the proposed distance. Long story short: I stopped at 11 miles. It was a good decision.
I went home and did a few things and then joined Scott and Bill for an easy 30 mile ride. That was enjoyable. We noted that it was warming up. I think it was around 90 by the time we were done. Of course this is nothing compared to last year's heat.
Yesterday was a good, busy day. I had stuff wall to wall. It was all good, but I was so tired last night. Today it all starts over again. New opportunities, new challenges. I'm ready, I think. ha ha. I hope your week goes well.

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