Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday a.m.

Good morning! Tuesday it is. Stormy? I hear rumbles of thunder this morning. I hope this morning's thunder will diffuse some of the energy of stronger storms that could arrive later in the day. The storms in Oklahoma yesterday were terrible. It's amazing with all the camera phones and other technology that we watch these things literally as they happen.
Yesterday was a good but busy day. I moved through it at a pretty good pace so I could be in court early in the afternoon. There is jury trial going on, and I am going to try to be present as much as I can to be with the mother of the man who died. I got to court, only to be told that it was over for the day. That was fine. I've been in court enough to not be surprised by much of anything.
This morning I will be there shortly after 8 and will spend most of the day there, unless something else happens. I find court very interesting, but this is going to be painful. I feel for the mother. She has to relive her worst nightmare, and on top of that, she'll have to listen to people telling lies about it. That's the nature of a trial. Right?
I am hoping for Tuesday Night Pace Line, but the weather is going to be a concern. If we can get it in, then we'll ride 37.5 and run 3, starting at 5:45. I am really looking forward to it. A bunch of my buddies had a great triathlon in Terre Haute on Saturday. I've heard several stories, but I know there are many more to be told.
OK, I need to go get ready to go. Thanks for stopping by.

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