Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wow, what a beautiful snow is coming down right now! Nice surprise! I think it's about over.

I hopped on my bike trainer this morning and rode for a while. I need to get on it more often and am going to make it my goal to do so. I also did a pretty good core workout. Biking is my main goal for the summer. Specifically I plan to do RAIN 2011 on July 16th. RAIN = Ride Across Indiana, which is about 160 miles. I think I can build up to that and do it successfully. Several of my friends have done it without any problem. I am new to the endurance biking thing, but my running will certainly help. In turn, the biking will help my running in the fall.

The 2 hour delay was nice but it kinda throws everything off. It's later than I think! I got a call this morning saying that our ReGeneration store was broken into over night, so that's where I started my away-from-the-house day. They were nice burglars - they did minimumal damage to the door and to a drawer under the cash register. We leave no money in the Store and the cash drawers are left open.

Need to get busy...

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