Monday, February 07, 2011

Central America Here We Come

On Saturday I, along with 3 others, leave for Honduras. Interestingly enough, my son Luke is also headed to Central America and will be down there while I am there. He will be in Guatemala from this Thursday until the following Tuesday, and I will be in Honduras from Saturday to the following Saturday.

Luke is going down with Lipscomb's engineering department to continue working in a very remote part of Guatemala. They are doing some really neat construction projects. He was supposed to go in January, during his Christmas break, but there was serious unrest in the region. Mexican drug gangs were attacking people in order to gain control of a drug-running route. I'm not sure how all that was resolved, but evidently the threat is no longer present. I am a little concerned about his safety but trust in the Lord's protection.

Honduras seems to be very calm now. I was thinking the other day about how we were caught in Honduras during a coup. That's pretty wild, really! I was never frightened or afraid during that time.

Today has been good! I got a good 7 mile run in this morning. It was pretty pleasant; a little snow was falling but it was relatively warm. I had a couple of good meetings, visited the hospital, visited the nursing home, stopped by the store, and a had a visitor drop by my office later in the afternoon. Now I am sitting in front of the fire place enjoying the warm of the fire.

I wonder how long it will be until the urge to sleep will overtake me?

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