Monday, January 10, 2011

How was your weekend? What's this week look like for you? It may be a challenging week for me, but that's OK.

I had a good, but busy, weekend; little down time. Friday I went to Indy to see Butch P. at IU Med center. It started snowing before I got there and got pretty slick. We had a really nice visit; didn't know it would be the last one. I left Indy and headed south and found the roads pretty slick. There were several cars off the road; some of them upside down.

When I got to Mitchell I made a few visits and got home a little after 5. It was a good day. About 7 my phone rang. It was Penny, telling me that Butch had died. I was really surprised that his death came so quickly. Upon hearing the news I went over to Butch's mom's home and was present with her and other family members for a while.

Saturday Ben and I went to get our "Let's Go" blood tests before our training run. Mine did not turn out well. My cholesterol is high. Sigh. I have had a battle with it for quite some time. I ate sloppily over the break, and I'm sure that has something to do with it. Hopefully being back on a strict diet will fix it. Our training run was cold and windy but good.

The rest of the day Saturday involved more visits with Butch's family and taking care of our neighbor Roger's home and dog. He is in the nursing home for a little while. [Anybody want to keep a little yappy dog for a week or two?] We also went to the funeral home for visitation for Beth P.'s grandfather. After that we watched the Colts get beat. That was not much fun.

Yesterday was busy also. It's the only day of the week I work, of course. At least that's what I am told on a regular basis. So funny!

Today I am going to hang/work at the ReGeneration Store. We are going to try keep it going the next couple of days. I've got to go run early this morning...

Snow on the way...

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