Friday, January 28, 2011

Here it comes

Right on time - the weekend. For most it is a delightful experience, but for me it just points to the one day per week that I work. Ha! I enjoy the weekends also, even though Sunday is my big day.

I have a meeting in a few minutes, and then I hope to finish up everything for Sunday. I learned a long time ago that I cannot force or rush a sermon. I patiently (well, maybe not always) wait for the Spirit of God to work, helping me to find the words he needs to communicate.

Looks like I will get north of 30 miles again this week. My deathbed sickness knocked my miles way down for 2 weeks. I will get more than 100 for the month, which is pretty low and the minimum that I ever want to see in one month. I am hoping February will be a good running month, although a week of it will be in Honduras, which will make it hard to get a lot of miles.

The other day I had a strange weather experience. It was Wednesday morning, and I decided to run at the Park. At my house there was only a light dusting of snow, but by the time I got to the Park there was more than an inch. Weird.

Looks like there is the potential for a big snow at the first of the week. I've been around long enough to know that all that could result in what I call a BFN - Big Fat Nothing! We'll see...

The weekend appears to be quiet, which is what I like. A 10 mile run in the morning and some time to relax and catch up on some things around the house. I hope your weekend is good!

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