Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday a.m.

Uh oh! Guess what day it is? Makes me laugh every single time. This probably reveals something about me. I'll leave that analysis up to you. We see camels on one of our regular bike rides. They are on the Amish Super 2, out in Orange county. We always try to speak to them, but we are not usually out there on Wednesdays, so we don't know if they are happier on that day.

How are you this morning? It's a little on the chilly side for sure. It looks like a nice warm up is coming, so I am thinking outside rides Friday afternoon and Saturday too, hopefully.

There is not much to report this morning. Everything I could/would tell you would either require, 1) that I kill you, or 2) you would die from boredom. Either way you are dead. Most do not desire a premature death, so I will spare you that. I do have a meeting this morning.

This is the week for meetings. I can tell you that. I had a meeting yesterday with the Marriage and Family Alliance board, and this morning it is with the Mitchell Area Ministerial Association. This of course is reduced to MAMA, and of course I like to make jokes about the name. My favorite, which I have shared here many times before, is that we should called ourselves, since we all live/minister in Indiana, Hoosier MAMA.

Yes, I know, I should go for now. Tune back in for all the excitement tomorrow!

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