Monday, July 15, 2013

Report 6 Honduras Summer 2013

Wow, that was a great day! We had planned to reach our peak over the weekend, and I think we did. Most of our group stayed in Guajire all day and all night Sunday. I wish I could have, but the old death bug kept me in bed.

It was great to join everyone today and hear of the great day yesterday. They all had a good experience with the church, a trip to the falls, a feast in the evening, and being the first ones to sleep in the new camp dorm. I think some got a little cold, so we will take note of that for next time.

Today was wonderful! We arrived to find that the overnight team had everything organized and ready to go. The princess day was in progress when we arrived. Our ladies fix the hair and nails of the little girls, then dress them up for a photo. There were long lines, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

We also had a medical clinic today. We have a couple of docs from Texas that came in yesterday. Sheralee Kerr, who aspires to be a physician’s assistant, helped out a lot, along with several others. More than 100 people were seen. I think everyone was given parasite medicine. Some people walked an hour and a half to be examined.

We also did a couple of piƱatas, one for the boys and one for the girls. This was a very popular thing. The kids really enjoyed it. We all were entertained.

Food distribution was also a part of today’s activities. That went really well also. The local church organizes it and does a great job. We are thankful for the generous donation of the Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project.

There were a few things to do to the dorm. A few men spent a long time hanging the doors and a few other things. It is a nice place.

Leopoldo Villacorta came by today. He has a great vision and great hopes for the church and village of Guajire. He, over and over, told of how the people are being blessed because of our work. He had a great vision for making it place with a thriving Bible camp. We, too, believe this is the will of God and will seek to help in the ways we can. We are committing to building another dorm next summer.

The day got topped off nicely when I realized we were riding on a Carpenter bus. For those who don’t know, these busses were made in Mitchell, IN for many years. There is a good chance that people I know work on the one we rode on today.

Keep praying for us! Tomorrow we wind down some. We will build another house and visit the hospital. Then we pack for home.

HERE are some pictures from today.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Glad all is going so well.Praying for your continued good health and a safe journey home. Praise God for all that's been accomplished.