Friday, July 12, 2013

Report 4 Honduras Summer 2013

Can you find all 31 of us?
Wow, the Lord blessed us with another powerful and good day! Today was not about hard physical work. Today was more consuming of emotional energy. It was wonderful.

We went to The Dump in Tegucigalpa. I've written and talked about it several times before. To me, it is the most disturbing place I've ever been. It is reminiscent of the Greek work Gehenna, which is translated, "hell" in the Bible. Gehenna was a smoldering trash dump. We were there, in some ways, today.

The troubling part is that people live and work there. There are many who minister in the dump, so the culture there is changing. I can see it. It's still a very disturbing place. We take lots of food and water and distribute it in the name of Jesus.

Across the road from the dump is a Christian school. It was our next stop. It ministers to the children of dump workers and includes a day care. Before, these kids would just hang out in the dump all day. Lots of babies died over the years. This school is an amazing ministry and now has a medical clinic that serves dump workers.

After the school we went to a mall to eat and get a few supplies. It is such a weird juxtaposition. Wealth. Poverty. Side by side. We are living in two worlds this week. It's uncomfortable at times. This is a good thing.

Next stop was the school for the blind. I did not take my camera in, so I don't have any pictures. I think Christopher will have tons. He takes a lot of photos and spends hours editing and sorting. He is amazing! His blog is here. There was one little boy who sang for us. He was so sweet and such a good little singer.

It would be hard to express how much love and appreciation I have for our team. Everyone is doing so well. We have formed a community of loving service. We are striving to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus to each other and others.

Here is a link to a few photos from today:

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Anonymous said...

Wow the building looks awesome!God's love is being shown ! Praying that He will continue to bless each one of you &He keeps you safe.Phyllis & Nobe