Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday a.m.

Good morning! You know, if I had to pick weather to live in all the time, I'd pick this. Actually this is a whole like Honduras weather: 60s at night, around 80 in the daytime. It just feels good. I guess it's coming to an end, but that's OK. We will appreciate it more next time, hopefully.

Luke came back from Africa on Saturday, and he has been pretty sick since then. He's had a high fever. I think it was on Monday he went to a walk-in clinic. The doctor there told him to go to Vanderbilt's ER, because he was concerned that he might have something a little unusual. Here's the really unusual part: that doc didn't charge him anything!

Off to Vandy. Lots of tests and then an appointment with an infectious disease doctor, which took place yesterday. Bottom line: Luke has typhoid fever, but it appears to be a mild form of it. He is on a strong antibiotic. The doctors wanted to put in a port and have Luke administer the stuff through the port, but Luke, a hater of needles, refused.  He'll be fine. He took the preventative medicine before leaving the country but didn't do exactly the way you are supposed to. He is supposed to go back to Liberia in a couple of months.

Yesterday was another good one. I was having lunch with a minister friend. As we were talking about future preaching topics and projects, my phone rang. I let the call go to voicemail. I was a little concerned about what the message was, so I went ahead and listened to it. It was question about eschatology. Specifically the caller wanted to know what happens between death and the Resurrection at the return of Jesus.

I love the caller dearly, so I decided to change plans and just show up where the person works, knowing that was OK. When I got there, there were three people sitting at a table. An impromptu Bible discussion broke out, and we all had a good time thinking about the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Today is prep for Sunday day. I need to get it all done, because we are going to Nashville in the morning for Lipscomb's graduation on Saturday. Really we are going to move Rebecca out of her dorm for her "Maymester" of study. She is going to stay with some friends. Of course we will get to see/check on Luke as well. We will return Saturday evening late.

I hope you have a great day!

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