Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday a.m.

Ben's new car. He wishes.

Good morning! My main computer got really sick yesterday and is in the hospital. I am awaiting word on how bad it is. In the meantime, I am working off an old slow machine. Oh, that reminds me of me, old and slow.

What a beautiful day yesterday! And today is going to be even more so. I’m loving it. I had a good day yesterday. I felt like I accomplished some good things. I saw a few people going through various things in life, including one man that I think is dying.

I feel a bit lost without my computer. It has all my scheduled activities in it. I know I need to go to a smart phone, but I haven’t. I’m probably one of the few people you know who does not have one.

Using my old dumb phone, I called Luke last night. He got in from Liberia on Saturday. He said it was a good trip. He thinks he may be going back in a couple of months and then again after that. We will get to see Luke this weekend, so we are excited. We are going to Lipscomb’s graduation on Saturday.

This evening I am going to ride my bike to Bedford, just in time to connect with the group for a run. I’ve “planted” my running shoes in someone’s car, so I can put them on and be ready to run. Kedra is going to pick me up after the run to go to a Honduras fund-raiser at Pizza Hut. Should be an interesting evening.

OK, I am going to limp through the day without my computer. Ha ha

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