Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Three years ago today

Three years ago today I flew to Russia. It was one of the most exciting, frightening, thrilling times of my life. You can go back into "older posts," (February 2008) if you want to see what I did there. HERE is the first one.

Twenty-three years ago today Lester was born. Happy birthday Son! He was born in New Zealand on a warm, humid day. I have some very vivid, specific memories of that day. Lester has been a delight and blessing to us all his life. We are going to meet Maddie and him in Martinsville this evening to celebrate his birth.

Between now and then I have a lot of things to do/accomplish. Honduras prep is looming large, and I hope to advance my writing project for Lilly Endowment. I will also spend some time at the food pantry this afternoon, followed by a conversation with a very good man and a wonderful thinker, Mike Church. We go out drinking sometimes - Pepsi, hot chocolate, etc.

That's enough for now...

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