Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good morning, Wednesday! You're the long day, right? Yes, you are. We'll work through this thing together, won't we?

This morning I have a meeting with the Mitchell Area Ministerial Association, MAMA for short. It has been proposed by me that, since we are all working in Indiana--the Hoosier state--we should call ourselves Hoosier MAMA. Rejected. Shot down. Some people have no sense of humor.

Yesterday was a good day; gotta a lot done. The best part was meeting and eating with Maddie and Lester in Martinsville. We met at Chili's. We've been a little frustrated over the years of trying to meet Lester at a good restaurant. We have not found a good place to meet/eat in Martinsville; had a couple of bad experiences. It was good last night, so maybe we can do it again. The funniest part of last night was when the wait staff came and sang, very loudly, to Lester. He turned red, and we loved it!

What will today hold? Well, let's see. Hoosier MAMA meeting, 5 mile run, meeting with a few other people, lunch with an elder, trip to Sam's to get some things for Honduras, pack duffel bags for Honduras, Wednesday Evening Meal, and class at 7, plus all the unexpected calls etc. Sounds like a pretty normal day.

I forgot to mention something from the weekend. Rebecca was a candidate for Homecoming Queen. She did not win, but she is still royalty in my heart. In fact, for a long, long time, I have called her my Purple Princess. (She loves purple.) The other 2 candidates were really good girls as well, so there was no disappoint in her not winning.

This is NOT like when we entered Lester in a beautiful baby contest when he was 6 months old in New Zealand. I was so sure he would win! And when he didn't win, I was so angry. The contest was in a toy store (good marketing). After he lost, I went into a rage and tore the store apart. Later I came back and bombed the place, creating a huge fire. How could the judges be so stupid to not see how beautiful Lester was! Oh, wait a minute, there I go again, mixing up fantasy with reality. And by the way, I am totally over Lester losing that contest.

OK, got to get mentally prepared for the Hoosier MAMA meeting. I just love using that - Hoosier MAMA.

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